Analysing the Recent Struggles of Chelsea FC under Potter

Chelsea FC has experienced one of the mysterious downfalls and has no end. The two times UCL champions are facing a difficult moment despite the huge money signings that have joined the team.

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As in other games, it is justifiable to argue about the team chemistry under their new coach, Graham Potter, but is he the super manager to spearhead the change in results on the team? To some extent, his credibility at the Stamford touchline has come under harsh criticism, with fans and football pundits feeling he’s far behind the club’s expectations.

Chelsea FC Morale

Also, the team’s morale has greatly diminished, which is deemed to continue until management takes drastic measures. Despite the team making one of the most signings this season, they are trailing behind their usual competitors, Manchester City,

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United, and the struggling Liverpool. The hopes to play in the European competition next year are fading by the day, with their last hope being to beat Borussia Dortmund and going on to win the UCL trophy – a very difficult task, indeed. It is also evident in their recent matches that Chelsea lacks confidence even when playing against relegation-threatened teams.

Chelsea FC Injuries

Injuries on key players such as Kante and injury-prone Reece James could also cause a miserable run of poor results. Also, the panic signings could not do any better. The coach has a huge group of players and even confessed to being unable to conduct training effectively. It is apparent that Todd Boehly made a costly mistake by sacking Thomas Tuchel, who ideally had a plan in his style of play.


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Attacking Problems

While the defensive line has had moments of brilliance, the forward has persistently remained sloppy, with the team scoring only one goal in February. The choice of players to take on matches is evidently problematic, and the management has denied some players a playing time but also, frequent squad rotation has worsened the state of performance of the club.

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As they face Leeds today, it is quite uncertain for the club to win heading to the match with crucial injuries woes for Thiago Silva and Reece James. While the management has continually backed Potter, the pressure is significantly mounting on the English coach and how far he can be supported with a poor run of results remains a mystery.