Barca Media Shares to be sold in the US Market

Barcelona Football Club, amidst their ongoing financial struggles, is exploring a potential partnership for Barca Media. A key asset responsible for the distribution and monetization of the club’s online content. President Joan Laporta remains steadfast in his commitment to keeping the club publicly owned. But the President sees opportunities in collaborating with external entities to address their mounting debts.

Exploring New Avenues:

In a bid to mitigate their financial challenges, FC Barcelona initiated several measures last year, including selling a 25% stake in their TV rights for a lengthy period of 25 years. They also divested 49.5% of Barcelona Licensing and Merchandising to separate companies. Now, the focus turns to Barca Media, a critical component of the club’s digital presence.

The Potential Partnership:

According to reports, Barcelona is currently in discussions with Swiss venture capitalist group Mountain Ventures regarding a prospective collaboration. The proposed arrangement would involve establishing a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), a vehicle used for issuing shares prior to an acquisition. Mountain Ventures would contribute to the SPAC, enabling both parties to potentially sell and issue shares on renowned stock exchanges such as NASDAQ.


Barca Media’s Value and Timeline:

Estimations suggest that the SPAC formed in conjunction with Mountain Ventures could hold a value of approximately €1.09 billion. Under this arrangement, Mountain Ventures would possess a 20% stake, while Barcelona would retain an 80% controlling interest. The Swiss company is currently doing the due diligence on the club. If all goes well, Barca Media could be listed on the stock exchange as early as December.

Involving Barca Club Members:

The current board may not be obligated to seek approval from the club’s members for this particular decision. Given the significance of the deal it would be prudent to involve them in the process. In a similar manner to the previous economic measures, a vote could provide transparency and ensure that the members’ voices are heard. The members hold a vested interest in the club’s heritage and are integral part of it.

Preserving The Barca Identity and Seeking Stability

As Barcelona navigates their financial challenges, President Laporta remains dedicated to preserving the club’s identity and ensuring its long-term stability. While private ownership is firmly rejected, exploring partnerships for specific club assets offers potential avenues for securing much-needed financial support.



Barcelona’s pursuit of a partnership for Barca Media marks another step in their ongoing efforts to address their financial difficulties. The potential collaboration with Mountain Ventures through a SPAC presents an opportunity for the club to secure additional funding and explore new avenues for financial stability. As discussions progress, Barcelona will continue to prioritize transparency and involve their members in crucial decisions to safeguard the club’s heritage and secure a prosperous future.