Barcelona News: Alemany Stays a 360° turn

In a stunning turn of events, Mateu Alemany’s future at FC Barcelona has taken another twist. Just weeks after his departure from the club was announced, fresh updates suggest that Alemany will now be staying at Barcelona beyond the current season. This comes after recent talks he held with Aston Villa in Birmingham. The meeting led many to believe that a move to the Premier League was imminent. Alemany completely bewildered the Barcelona News cycle.

Barcelona News Tornado

Barcelona had initially confirmed Alemany’s exit earlier this month, fueling speculation that he was destined for Aston Villa. However, respected journalist Fabrizio Romano reveals that Alemany had an agreement in principle with Villa. Alemany had never put pen to paper. It now appears that he has had a change of heart and is set to continue his journey with the Catalan club.

The news of Alemany’s decision has been met with enthusiasm. Considering the commendable job he has done at Barcelona. The timing of this U-turn, however, raises questions about the relationship between Alemany and Cruyff. Jordi Cruyff will be leaving Barcelona when his contract expires on June 30.

Reports suggest that Deco, the former Barcelona player, was the leading candidate to replace Alemany. However, the latest information from La Vanguardia indicates that Deco will now assume the role previously held by Cruyff. The details surrounding Alemany’s continued involvement at the club suggest that he will remain under the same terms as his current agreement.

Earlier today, there was speculation that a handover was taking place between Alemany and Deco when they met at the club offices. However, the sudden shift in the situation has led to Alemany staying at Barcelona. With Deco likely to join the club in a different capacity.


While Alemany’s decision to stay is undoubtedly a boost for Barcelona. It does raise questions about the dynamics between him and Cruyff. Nonetheless, fans will be eager to see the impact of Alemany’s continued presence at the club and how it will shape Barcelona’s future endeavors.