Bartomeu wants reconciliation with Laporta

Former Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, is looking to mend fences with current president Joan Laporta. In a bid to address the lingering consequences of the Negreira scandal, Bartomeu seems eager to seek reconciliation.

Bartomeu and his reign of Ignorance

The tumultuous reign of Josep Maria Bartomeu as Barcelona’s president left a lasting mark on the club. The departure of Neymar, the blind spending spree Making him one of the most controversial figures in its history. Despite the controversies and legal challenges that followed his tenure, Bartomeu remains closely connected to the club. Now, he’s expressed a willingness to hold a three-way meeting between himself, Laporta, and Sandro Rosell. Bartomeu hopes to reconcile and address the fallout from the Negreira scandal.

A Troubled Bartomeu Legacy

Bartomeu’s presidency was marked by a series of controversies, including the infamous Negreira scandal. The fallout from this scandal has strained his relationship with Joan Laporta. Who has had to contend with the repercussions of actions taken by the previous Barcelona boards, including Bartomeu’s.


A Bid for Reconciliation

Bartomeu’s recent announcement signals his desire to heal the rift between himself, Laporta, and Rosell. The Negreira scandal will undoubtedly be a primary topic of discussion during these meetings. This move reflects his desire to bridge the divide that has separated the Barcelona administration. This comes after Laporta’s administration has criticized Bartomeu’s board for the club’s ongoing financial challenges.

Seeking Laporta Acknowledgment

While Bartomeu aims for reconciliation, he also hopes that the club’s management will acknowledge the impact of external factors, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, in the club’s current financial predicament. He believes that understanding the multifaceted nature of the club’s financial issues is crucial for moving forward.

Uncertain Prospects

It remains uncertain whether Laporta will entertain these requests for reconciliation. The current president is facing numerous priorities, including addressing the challenges plaguing the first-team squad. How Laporta chooses to navigate this situation will undoubtedly have implications for Barcelona’s future.


Josep Maria Bartomeu’s attempt to reconcile with Joan Laporta amidst Barcelona’s challenging times reflects the complex relationship between past and present administrations. As Barcelona seeks to overcome its financial challenges and on-field issues, the potential for reconciliation could pave the way for collaboration, which may be crucial in charting the club’s future course.