Could Barcelona Have Been Relegated to La Liga 2?

La Liga President, Javier Tebas, has once again criticized Barcelona over the ongoing allegations of payments made to former vice president of the refereeing committee, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. In a recent interview, Tebas stated that although he does not believe that Barça bought referees, the fact remains that they did pay Negreira during his time as vice-president of the committee. Tebas insists if it wasn’t for the case being time barred Barcelona could have faced relegation threat to La liga 2 (segunda).

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La Liga President pressures Barcelona

Tebas stressed the importance of Joan Laporta, the current president of Barcelona, providing explanations to the club’s socios about the allegations. He stated that:

“hiding is not the way, an explanation must be given and Barça must give one to their socios.”

Javier Tebas

The success that Barcelona has achieved in recent years, which includes the treble and the sextete, is not in question. But Tebas emphasizes that there is a conduct that must be judged.

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“I don’t think Barça have bought referees, but they did pay Negreira when he was vice-president of the committee. And this is a fact” said Tebas, who once again insisted on the necessity for Joan Laporta to give explanations to the club’s socios. “Barça are a very important club for the league but hiding is not the way, an explanation must be given and Barça must give one to their socios.”

Javier Tebas

La Liga 2 Relegation threat

While the case is time-barred in sporting terms. Javier Tebas stated that if that was not the case, “it could have ended with expulsion from the league or relegation.” This statement highlights the severity of the situation and the importance of addressing the allegations.

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The ongoing investigation into the alleged payments made to Negreira has put a cloud over Barcelona’s reputation and sporting achievements. The impact that this will have on the club’s future remains to be seen. Particularly as La Liga and La Liga 2 are highly competitive leagues. Where even the smallest mistake could result in relegation.


Javier Tebas on Barcelona’s Success

Tebas spoke out in favour of Barcelona’s past success following the recent scandal. Tebas assured the fans that he does not question in any way the success Barça have achieved in recent years despite the information regarding the payments.

“I do not question Barça’s success. Neither the treble nor the sextete. But there is a conduct that has to be judged”.

Javier Tebas

Joan Laporta retorts

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In response to the allegations, current Barcelona president Joan Laporta has insisted that the club did nothing wrong in asking for “technical reports about referees”. In a previous statement,

We will always defend ourselves and the values that have made us one of the most successful clubs in history. We will not tolerate any questioning of our integrity or sportsmanship.”

Joan Laporta


It is essential for Barcelona to address the allegations and provide their socios with a clear explanation. As one of the most successful clubs in football history, Barcelona’s reputation is on the line, and they must take the necessary steps to protect it. President Joan Laporta has stated that he will address this issue very soon.