David Alaba racially abused by Real Madrid fans

David Alaba, a professional footballer for Real Madrid and the Austrian national team captain has recently been the target of racial abuse following his decision to vote for Lionel Messi over his teammate Karim Benzema in the FIFA Best Men’s Player of the Year award.

Why David Alaba was abused?

Social media users have subjected Alaba to racist comments and insults after he voted for Messi as his first choice, followed by Benzema in second place and Mbappe in third.

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The abuse directed towards Alaba highlights the toxic and damaging culture of online hate and discrimination in the football world. It is unacceptable for players to face such abuse for simply exercising their right to vote for their preferred candidate. It is also a sad reflection of how racism continues to plague the sport, even in the modern era.

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Alaba has been a vocal advocate for anti-racism and equality in football. David Alaba’s involvement in campaigns to combat discrimination is well-known. It should be made clear that his decision to vote for Messi over Benzema was not meant as a personal attack on his teammate. Rather as a personal preference based on his assessment of the players’ performances in the past year.


David Alaba is receiving racist comments from Real Madrid fans in his latest IG post, after Alaba voted Leo Messi ahead of Benzema for The Best 2023 award.

Benzema, who has had an outstanding season with Real Madrid was one of the top nominees for the FIFA Best Men’s Player of the Year award after winning the Champions League. However, Messi, who led Argentina to victory in theWorld Cup was just better. Lionel Messi was awarded the Player of the Tournament for Argentina’s first World Cup since 1986, marking a historic moment for the team.

The abuse directed towards Alaba is not only hurtful to him personally but also damaging to the football community as a whole. Holding individuals accountable for their actions is imperative to eradicate racism and discrimination in football and society.


The racial abuse directed towards David Alaba for his voting decision in the FIFA Best Men’s Player of the Year award is a stark reminder of the ongoing problem of racism in football. It is essential that players are able to exercise their voting rights without fear of abuse and discrimination, and that the football community takes strong action to combat racism and promote equality.