Deco Takes Charge of Football Area at Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – In a significant move, Rafa Yuste, vice president of FC Barcelona, introduced Anderson Luis de Souza, known as Deco, as the new director of the football area during the Assembly of delegates. Deco addressed the club’s goals, emphasizing their commitment to “fighting for all the titles without losing style,” echoing the traditional “Barça” spirit.


Deco, a former football star, began by acknowledging the gravity of the role, stating, “almost twenty years ago I spoke for the first time to the members at the Miniestadi, and my legs were shaking. Now they also tremble.” He expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by the club’s boards and partners who elected the management.

He presented an organizational chart for the sports division, highlighting the president at the top, supported by the Sports Commission, which includes Laporta, Yuste, Joan Soler, Enric Masip, Bojan, and Deco. Deco, in his role, will oversee Xavi (in charge of the first team) and Bojan (responsible for coordinating football areas and connecting with the first team), as well as aspects like grassroots football, scouting, and management.

Deco emphasized the need for perfect coordination, especially regarding player knowledge, monitoring players on loan, and the importance of not neglecting them. He acknowledged the people within the club, stating, “I see an organizational chart with many people from the club involved; I see football people like Xavi and Rafa, people who also know the greatness of this club.”


The former star reviewed the club’s operations last summer, including the departures of legendary players such as Umtiti, Piqué, Alba, and Busquets, and transfers and signings. He praised the commitment of players to succeed at Barça and acknowledged the challenges due to financial constraints and unexpected departures.


Deco stressed the importance of a salary policy based on meritocracy, market adaptation, and salaries awarded based on titles won. The core sporting objectives outlined by Deco include fighting for all titles, maintaining the Barça style, unwavering support for La Masia (Barcelona’s youth academy), and controlling the global market of young players. Vítor Roque was cited as an example of their vision.


This appointment of Deco underscores Barcelona’s continued efforts to revamp their footballing operations and return to their winning ways. Only time will tell how the new director of the football area will guide the club toward these ambitious objectives.

(Note: This article is based on an official presentation made by Rafa Yuste and Deco at the Assembly of delegates of FC Barcelona.)