European Super League Makes a Come Back

The European Super League is returning, two years after its first proposal faced widespread criticism and ultimately failed. The new version, backed by sister company A22, based in Madrid, aims to launch a multi-division competition of 60 to 80 teams with no permanent members and a minimum of 14 games per club per season.

According to A22, the new project is a result of extensive conversations with European clubs facing financial difficulties. In recent months, A22 and the Super League have targeted the wealth of the Premier League and its impact on other European leagues with less lucrative television deals.

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Reasoning behind Super League

A22 and its major backers, including Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, claim that the format of the new Super League remains a secret, but they assure greater solidarity payments to non-participating clubs in European competitions. However, questions still surround the operation and legality of this new league.

A22 CEO Bernd Reichart wrote in the German newspaper Welt:

It is the clubs that bear the entrepreneurial risk in football. But when it comes to important decisions, they are too often forced to stand idly by from the sidelines as the sporting and financial foundations run under their hands. Our talks have also made it clear that it is often impossible for clubs to raise their voices publicly against a system that uses the threat of sanctions to prevent opposition.”

Bernd Reichart (A22 CEO)

The three major clubs behind the project are Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona and Italian powerhouse Juventus. The European Court of Justice’s advocate general has advised the court to side heavily with UEFA in its legal battle with the original Super League, which has been ongoing for the past two years.


In conclusion, the European Super League is making a second attempt to launch a new and improved version of its failed project. Whether the new competition will face similar criticism and obstacles as its predecessor remains to be seen.