FC Barcelona demands Tebas resignation

FC Barcelona has called for the resignation of La Liga President Javier Tebas. After a report alleged that he provided false evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the ‘Caso Negreira’ scandal. The scandal involves accusations that Barcelona made payments to former vice president of the referee’s committee, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. In exchange for additional refereeing insights and influence over match results.

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The complete Negreira scandal

FC Barcelona attacks Javier Tebas

The La Vanguardia report was published on Monday. It Claimed that Javier Tebas had provided false evidence about the scandal. In response, FC Barcelona released an official statement. The statement demanded that Tebas steps down out of “dignity and respect for the presidency of La Liga”. The statement accused Tebas of being “an executor in the presentation of false evidence before the Prosecutor’s Office to incriminate our club”.

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Barcelona expressed its “deep anger” and “indignation” at the situation, and called for Tebas to appear publicly to offer explanations. The club’s statement in Catalan noted that they had more evidence to support their claims. They also stated that Tebas should not be allowed to remain in his position.

The demand for Tebas’s resignation comes just weeks after the Treasury in Spain found no evidence of referee manipulation from Barcelona, despite the payments made to Negreira. The Spanish footballing authority had previously taken the Negreira case to the European Union, which resulted in UEFA launching an investigation into the matter.

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The ongoing scandal has highlighted the growing animosity between La Liga and FC Barcelona. The club’s stance on the European Super League led to increased scrutiny from the Spanish footballing authority. Barcelona has remained fairly silent on the current issue. But recent reports suggest that club president Joan Laporta could hold a press conference in the coming weeks to present evidence in the club’s favour.


In the meantime, the demand for Tebas’s resignation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing scandal, and raises questions about the future of La Liga’s leadership. It remains to be seen how Tebas will respond to the demand, and what impact it will have on the ongoing investigation into the Negreira scandal.