FC Barcelona has a Leadership void

Barcelona Football Club (FC Barcelona) has recently revealed that long-time midfielder and captain, Sergio Busquets, has decided to leave the club. This decision has left a leadership void within the team. As Busquets has been an integral part of the team for many years.

FC Barcelona Captain situation

Busquets is considered one of the best midfielders in the world and his departure is a huge loss for the team. He has been a leader both on and off the pitch, serving as the team’s first captain for 2 seasons. With his departure, Barcelona will need to reassign the captaincy to one of the team’s remaining players.

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One possible solution to the leadership void is to promote current vice-captain Sergi Roberto to the captaincy. Roberto has been with Barcelona since he was a youth player. He has played in multiple positions, making him a versatile and crucial player. He has also served as the team’s vice-captain since 2021, making him a strong candidate for the captaincy. But his form and individual ability leave a lot to be desired.


Jordi Alba, the team’s left-back, is another potential candidate for the captaincy. Alba has been with Barcelona since 2012 and has played an important role in the team’s success. He is an experienced player who has won multiple trophies with the team. Making him a respected figure in the locker room. But Alba is ageing rapidly and he can barely hold on to his place in the starting lineup. With the youngster Balde starting ahead of him in many matches.

The 3rd and 4th Captain Dillema

Goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen is another player who could take on a leadership role within the team. Ter Stegen has been with Barcelona since 2014 and has played a crucial role in the team’s success in recent years. He is a respected figure both on and off the pitch and could provide a steady presence as a captain.

However, the fourth captain’s spot remains vacant, and it is unclear who will take on this role. Some possible candidates include experienced players such as Robert Lewandowski. Alternatively, younger players like Pedri or Frenkie de Jong could also be considered for the role.

The FC Barcelona Leader Returns?

Additionally, there is speculation that Lionel Messi could return to Barcelona, which would further impact the team’s leadership and dynamics. If Messi does return, he could potentially take on the captaincy once again, as he has been a leader on the team for many years.



In conclusion, Busquets’ departure has left a leadership void within the Barcelona team, and the team’s coaching staff and management will need to make some important decisions regarding the captaincy. Promoting Roberto or Alba to the captaincy, along with ter Stegen as the vice-captain, could provide a strong foundation for the team’s leadership. However, the fourth captain’s spot remains a question mark, and the team will need to carefully consider their options.