FC Barcelona News: Alemany reveals Real reason of him staying

FC Barcelona’s director of football, Mateu Alemany, has surprised many by reversing his decision to join Aston Villa and opting to stay at the Catalan club instead. Alemany had initially expressed his desire for a new professional challenge at Villa. Working alongside manager Unai Emery in the Premier League. However, recent News reports highlighting uncertainties surrounding Villa’s financial situation prompted Alemany to rethink his decision and reaffirm his commitment to FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona News Roundup

Despite Barcelona facing their own financial challenges, Alemany was drawn to the allure of remaining at the renowned Camp Nou. He will be continuing his strong working relationship with head coach Xavi. In an interview with DAZN Espana, Alemany expressed his unwavering belief that Barcelona is the best club in the world and emphasized his dedication to contributing to the club’s ongoing project, which has already taken significant strides forward.

“I am firmly convinced that my place is at Barca, the unrivaled top club in the world. I am fully committed to supporting this project, which has already reached a pivotal stage,” Alemany stated. While acknowledging Aston Villa’s impressive project and the presence of one of Europe’s finest coaches, Alemany concluded that his heart lies with Barcelona and expressed his hope that the club will continue its ascent to regain dominance in European football.

Moving forward, Alemany is set to work closely with Xavi as they collaborate on a strategic approach to transfers within the confines of a limited budget. Xavi’s desire to bring back former Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi remains a top priority.


However, the financial implications associated with Messi’s salary pose a significant obstacle. Consequently, Barcelona is expected to prioritize player sales to generate funds before pursuing marquee signings.


Alemany’s unexpected decision to remain at Barcelona adds an intriguing dimension to the club’s future plans. The focus now shifts to how Alemany and Xavi will navigate the challenges ahead. As the dynamic duo aim to restore Barcelona’s stature as a formidable force in European football. Follow Knuckleball for more FC Barcelona related news.