FC Barcelona Vs Espanyol Fan Punished

Tensions erupted at the RCDE Stadium as FC Barcelona celebrated their La Liga title victory over Espanyol. This lead to a pitch invasion by hundreds of Espanyol supporters. The chaotic scenes saw fans charging onto the field. With some fans heading towards the tunnel and one individual even knocking over a pitch-side camera.

Violent Fan Faces Consequences (Espanyol Vs FC Barcelona)

The identified fan, Yago Darnell, has now faced consequences for his actions. Darnell was a coach of Junior FC from Sant Cugat. Darnell has been forced to resign from his position following the violent incident.

Junior FC acknowledged their coach’s involvement in a statement, expressing their condemnation of the events and emphasizing their commitment to upholding ethical principles in sports.

Junior FC’s Statement via (MD)

“As a result of the incidents that occurred at the end of the match between RCD Espanyol and FC Barcelona, in which a member of the coaching staff of the Junior FC football school has been identified, the club wishes to express its total condemnation of the events that occurred, as well as any type of violence in sport. Junior FC, in its more than 105 years of history, is proud to defend the ethical principles that must govern the sport, with an emphasis on instilling them in our young people. The aforementioned facts are contrary to how we understand sport.”


The repercussions for Darnell may extend beyond his resignation, as both La Liga and Espanyol have launched investigations into the matter. Further punishment could be in store for his actions during the pitch invasion.


The incident highlights the need for maintaining sportsmanship and avoiding acts of violence in the world of football. Junior FC has over a century of history. They stand firm in their stance against such behaviours and is dedicated to instilling ethical values in young players.

As the investigations unfold, the football community awaits the outcomes and potential consequences for Yago Darnell, hoping that incidents like this serve as a reminder of the importance of respectful conduct both on and off the pitch.