“Going to PSG Neither Planned, Nor Desired” Lionel Messi rattles PSG fans

In a candid press conference, Lionel Messi has shed light on his unexpected transition to Inter Miami this summer, while also revealing that his move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was not part of a premeditated plan.

“Signing for PSG was never planned. I didn’t want to leave Barcelona. It was a quick decision,” Messi confessed, offering insights into the circumstances surrounding his departure from the club he had been synonymous with for years.

The Argentine football icon admitted that relocating from Barcelona to Paris was a challenging experience. However, his transition from Paris to Miami has been distinctly different, with Messi expressing contentment with his current situation.

The decision to join Inter Miami, according to Messi, was primarily influenced by his family. “Coming here was a family decision. I just want to play football,” he emphasized, underscoring the motivations behind his move.

Lionel Messi on his achievements

“I’ve already won and achieved everything in football, and now I’m just enjoying the moment,” Messi continued. He highlighted that the move to Miami was aimed at maintaining his love for the game, embracing a fresh challenge in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Since joining Inter Miami, Messi’s performance has been nothing short of exceptional. He has netted nine goals in six Leagues Cup matches, signifying a seamless integration into the team.

The pursuit of the Leagues Cup victory holds significance for Messi, aligning with his overall goal of continual success. Discussing his aspirations, he reiterated, “Winning the World Cup was my biggest dream.” His triumph in the 2022 FIFA World Cup has fulfilled a pivotal ambition in his illustrious career.


Addressing the looming Ballon d’Or, a coveted individual accolade, Messi’s stance was firm. “It is the biggest award on an individual level, but I do not care. What is important is the collective achievement,” he asserted, prioritizing the collective success of the team.

Messi on his Recent goal Celebrations

In a heartwarming revelation, Messi shared the origins of his recent Marvel-themed goal celebrations at Inter Miami. With his children engrossed in Marvel movies during their vacation, they proposed the idea of celebrating like superheroes upon scoring goals. This personal touch has endeared Messi to fans and exemplifies his playful spirit.


Lionel Messi’s journey from Barcelona to Inter Miami reflects the complexities of a football icon’s decisions, peppered with personal motivations and the pursuit of new challenges. As he continues to make his mark in MLS, his words and actions resonate deeply with fans across the globe.