Graham Potter masterplan for Quarter qualifications

Chelsea Fc will look forward to easing past Borussia Dortmund tonight in a highly contested second-leg encounter at the Bridge. Graham Potter and squad will be focused on covering up the one goal deficit they conceded in Germany to qualify for the quarter-finals, but this charge will take them sweat and blood as they face off in form Borussia Dortmund.

Chelsea Analysis

Essentially, Chelsea has had a poor run of results, but their recent victory against Leeds in the Premier League encounter could be the start of the end of the criticism of Graham Potter and will safeguard his job after the woes that have hit the club. While the coach has the backing of the club owners, poor performance would ramp up pressure on the club to sack the former Brighton manager.

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The whole team has to take this match as a make-or-break encounter and display the best performance before the club owners, who will attend. It is apparent that Chelsea have lacked the finishing power, with last game’s goal coming from the just recovered Frenchman, Wesley Fofana.

Chelsea Forwards

The choice of the forward to play a particular match for Chelsea has proven inefficient; team rotation has seen the results deteriorate by day. It is critical to note that Kai Havertz has failed to score against Dortmund in all eight of his previous encounters with the club and this streak could be continued.

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Dortmund Strengths

Dortmund’s strength lies in their key players in the midfield and attackers. The team’s recent winning streak, having won 10 competitive matches in a row, portrays their distinctive form, which is the best form since 2021. Moreover, Dortmund has had an all-rounded goal-scoring potential since the resumption of the league after the FIFA World Cup 2022. This would mean that any player would pose a significant threat in front of the Chelsea goal.

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Graham Potter Defensive Plan

Injuries to experienced players in the Chelsea backline, Thiago Silva and Reece James, have hit the sloppy Chelsea defense hard. This would mean another inconsistent group of defenders who can easily concede more goals while under attack.

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Graham Potter Game Plan

Chelsea’s game plan will see yet another rotation of players, with Murdyk featuring in the first eleven. But this could be for the better. All the coaching staff hope they will display their best performance tonight, but this would require a player to stand out and carry the team. Maybe the strong defenders, Fofana, Koulibaly or Trevor Chalobah, can convert those set pieces and mutilate key progressive passes from the opponent. A win will be bravely celebrated by Potter. At the same time, a dismissal from European football will mean a significant loss of confidence in the manager and his tactics at such a time when potential replacements are looming.