Ilkay Gundogan reveals why he chose Barcelona over Arsenal

Former Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has explained why he turned down a move to Arsenal in favor of joining Barcelona during the summer transfer window.

Gundogan, who left Manchester City on a free transfer, signed a three-year deal with the Spanish giants, opting to fulfill a “childhood dream” of playing for Barcelona.

In his final game for Manchester City, Ilkay Gundogan played a pivotal role in the club’s historic Treble-winning Champions League final. Although there were reports that Gundogan was seeking a longer contract, he has clarified that the contract duration was not the issue.

“I’m honest, and many people don’t know this, in the end, it wasn’t about a year or two,” Gundogan explained. “There was no problem with the running time. City waited a relatively long time until the talks really intensified. If this had happened a little earlier, the situation would have been different.”

Gundogan expressed his satisfaction with the timing of the transfer, describing it as a “perfect ending” to his time at Manchester City. He further emphasized his lifelong ambition of playing for FC Barcelona, which played a decisive role in his decision.


This revelation sheds light on Gundogan’s transfer decision, highlighting the significance of fulfilling a personal dream and joining one of the world’s most iconic football clubs.

Gundogan’s move to Barcelona has generated anticipation and excitement among fans, eager to witness his contributions to the team in the upcoming seasons.