Joan Laporta goes ballistic against Real Madrid and La Liga

Joan Laporta, the President of FC Barcelona, has been increasingly vocal about his club’s involvement in the Negreira case. His frustration with Real Madrid and La Liga President Javier Tebas. In a recent press conference, Laporta went full ballistic, accusing Tebas of orchestrating a campaign against Barcelona. He asserted that the club was being unfairly targeted. This latest development has only added fuel to an already contentious situation. As Barcelona continues to face scrutiny over alleged corruption and illegal payments. Here is how the press conference started.

Joan Laporta Press Conference

Joan Laporta said: “Barcelona has always been a ‘clean’ club throughout its history. We celebrate wins together and when we lose, we don’t look for excuses. This is a club based on core values and we want to win the ‘right’ way”.  We never want to win with external help As the top member of the club, I wanted to offer an explanation of the ‘Negreira Case’ and offer facts and although this is not a case reflected for the current board, we have suffered from conclusions that are not related to the club”.

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Joan Laporta: “Barcelona continues to be a reference point for many around the world”. We’ve always worked in the area of compliance with the external investigation on the Negreira case. FCB has never been involved in any activity with the intention of swaying results in our favour”. I have documentation that show that there have never been any payments that directly attempt to sway results in sporting competitions . I’d also like to single out Real Madrid. A club who have made their position clear in this manner,… always considered as the team of the regime and are always linked with refereeing favouritism.”

Laporta on Madrid’s Involvement in the Case

Joan laporta said: “I would like to comment on the appearance of a club that have presented themselves in the cause and say that they feel damaged on a sporting level. A club, Real Madrid, that has been historically favoured when it comes to refereeing decisions. Historically and currently. A club that has always been considered as a team of the regime due to their proximity to power. I think it is worth remembering that, for six decades, most of the presidents of the collective were, in consecutive terms, ex-socios, ex-players or ex-directors of Real Madrid.”

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For 70 years, those who have chosen the people to make the decisions have been ex-socios, ex-players and ex-directors. And sometimes all of them at once. The fact that this club presents itself and alleges to feel damaged in the greatest part of history seems to me like the biggest act of cynicism ever and I am confident that they can be unmasked.”

Joan Laporta believes Perez was under pressure

“I want to believe that Florentino [Pérez] was under a lot of pressure, but I think the club should have held on and waited for the right moment or, since there is nothing, not done anything. I know he was under pressure from the people and I can understand it but not accept it or give my opinion. Don’t think it’s right that they got involved and this has been spoken about.

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Laporta said that the institutional relationship between the two clubs has been damaged since the news broke that Madrid were to get involved with the case and declare themselves victims. “The relationship is damaged. We have kept a cordial institutional relationship with all clubs, Madrid included. It is the best show in the world, El Clásico, and there is a top rivalrly. For me there is an institutional relationship that has been damaged and hurt. I think that it is an improper exercise from a club like Madrid. In any case, the ones that have been belligerent were the ones with the institutional declaration. I prefer not to give my opinion.”


In conclusion, Joan Laporta vehemently defended Barcelona’s clean history and denied any involvement in swaying sporting results. He also called out Real Madrid for their alleged proximity to power and refereeing favouritism. Laporta believes that Madrid’s involvement in the Negreira case has damaged the institutional relationship between the two clubs. He also stated that the club’s decision to declare themselves as victims was an improper exercise. Despite the ongoing investigation, Laporta remains confident that Barcelona will come out of this with their reputation intact.