Joao Felix gets praise from Atletico Madrid President

In a surprising turn of events, Joao Felix, the talented Portuguese forward, has found a new lease on life while on loan at FC Barcelona. His journey from Atletico Madrid to the Camp Nou has been marked by a resurgence in form and a fresh perspective on his football career.

Joao Felix and Athletico Madrid

Félix’s time at Atletico Madrid was met with mixed success. While he showed glimpses of his immense talent, he struggled to consistently deliver the performances expected of him. However, his fortunes have taken a turn for the better since joining Barcelona on loan.

Recently, Atlético Madrid President Enrique Cerezo commented on Félix’s loan spell, acknowledging the player’s freedom to express his thoughts. Cerezo praised Félix’s abilities, hailing him as one of the best players in Europe at present. Despite not delving into the technicalities of Félix’s struggles at Atlético, Cerezo expressed his hope for a bright future for the forward.

“We each think in our own way. João Félix is very free to say whatever he wants. He knows that he is an Atlético player on loan at Barça. I think he will be one of the best, and he is one of the best players in Europe at the moment” 

Enrique Cerezo

“I don’t go into technical things. It didn’t work here and it does at Barça. We are delighted, what more do we want than João to be the best in the world, which he probably will be.”

Enrique Cerezo

Joao Felix and FC Barcelona

Félix himself has not shied away from acknowledging the transformation in his performance. He stated, “Barcelona is a great team. Everyone knows how to play. I think I have adapted well. I am working on it.” He also highlighted the differences in playing styles between Barcelona and Atletico, emphasizing his improved adaptation to Barcelona’s approach.

This shift in Félix’s form and attitude has been a topic of discussion among football enthusiasts. The exact reasons behind his previous challenges at Atlético remain undisclosed. It is evident that a fresh environment and tactical approach at Barcelona have revitalized his career.


Under the guidance of FC Barcelona’s coaching staff and in the company of exceptional talents, Félix is flourishing. His performances on the pitch have been more consistent, and he appears to have found his place in the team’s structure.

The football world now eagerly watches Félix’s journey at Barcelona. Awaiting with baited breath if he can truly ascend to the level of the world’s best players. Regardless of his future destination, Joao Felix’s resurgence at Barcelona is a positive testament. One to the unpredictable nature of football and the capacity for players to reinvent themselves on a new stage.



As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Felix. As the young Portuguese continues to evolve and make his mark in the world of football. Barcelona fans hope that his newfound success is a sign of great things to come, both for him and the club.

João Félix’s journey is a reminder that in football, as in life, second chances can lead to extraordinary transformations. Follow Knuckleball for more interesting insights and News.