Joao Felix praised by Former Teammate for scintillating form

This summer’s transfer window witnessed a significant and somewhat unexpected move. With Joao Felix swapping the red and white stripes of Atletico Madrid for the iconic Blaugrana of Barcelona. While this transfer is initially slated for the 2023-24 season, it has already sent ripples through the footballing world.

Joao Felix and FC Barcelona

Joao Felix’s journey to Barcelona began with his star fading at Atletico Madrid. The Portuguese prodigy had struggled to consistently find his form in the Spanish capital, leading to questions about his future. However, his arrival at Barcelona has been nothing short of a revelation.


The 23-year-old forward has wasted no time making an impact. His recent goal-scoring spree, which includes three goals in just two matches, has reignited the excitement around his prodigious talent. As Barcelona prepares to host Celta Vigo at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic, fans are eagerly anticipating more moments of brilliance from Joao Felix.

Marcus Llorente not surprised by Joao Felix

While some may be surprised by Joao Felix’s seamless transition to Barcelona, one person who always believed in his potential is Marcos Llorente, a former teammate at Atletico Madrid. Llorente’s unwavering confidence in Joao Felix is evident in his recent statement. “No (I’m not surprised),” said Llorente. Llorente emphasized the Portuguese forward’s undeniable talent and expressed his best wishes for Joao Felix’s Barcelona stint. According to Diaro AS

“No (I’m not surprised). We all know that Joao Felix has great talent, and he has to prove it during this season. He also had his good moments at Atletico. I wish him all the best at Barcelona, at least.”

Marcus Llorente

However, amidst all the excitement surrounding Joao Felix and his resurgence in Barcelona. It is crucial to remember that he remains an Atletico Madrid player, at least for now. This temporary move offers him a fresh start and a chance to reignite his career, all while keeping the door open for an eventual return to Atletico Madrid.


Joao Felix’s success at Barcelona poses an intriguing dilemma for Atletico Madrid. His remarkable start in Catalonia could significantly impact the club’s future plans. While Barcelona may relish his brilliance on the pitch, Atletico Madrid holds the key to his long-term footballing journey.

As Joao Felix continues to dazzle on the football field, one thing is certain: his journey is far from over. His electrifying performances and undeniable talent have rekindled the hope and excitement that once surrounded him. Making him one of the most captivating stories in the world of football.