Joao Felix Thriving at Barcelona After Difficult Atletico Stint

Portuguese forward Joao Felix, who currently plies his trade at FC Barcelona, shared his newfound confidence and contentment during a recent press conference. Felix, who is on loan from Atletico Madrid, opened up about his form and experience at his new club.

Joao Felix and Athletico Madrid

Félix highlighted the challenge of maintaining a high level of performance, something he struggled with during his time at Atletico. He emphasized that he works relentlessly to improve and correct any weaknesses in his game. According to him, he’s not just content but also experiencing a period of good form.

Despite Portugal’s already secured qualification for Euro 2024, Félix stressed the pressure to keep winning. He pointed out that Portugal’s footballing history and the presence of players from the world’s top clubs set high expectations for the team.

Félix also lauded the quality of the Portuguese team, highlighting their strengths both offensively and defensively, owing to their solid organization and tactical prowess.


Discussing their upcoming match against Bosnia-Herzegovina, he acknowledged their opponent’s determination to qualify for the Euro and their passionate fanbase. Nevertheless, Félix remains focused on their preparation and sticking to their style of play.

Transitioning from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona seems to have revitalized Joao Felix, providing him with the confidence and environment he needs to excel on the football field.