Jordi Alba set to complete Trio Reunion

Former Barcelona defender Jordi Alba is reportedly edging closer to a highly-anticipated move to Inter Miami. Reports regarding the transfer are originating from Catalonia. Alba left the Catalan club earlier this summer after mutually terminating his contract a year ahead of its scheduled expiry. While Alba has received offers from Saudi Arabia. The Barca legend looks keen to reunite with his former teammates Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi in Major League Soccer.

Reunion Jordi Alba, Messi and Busquets

Inter Miami have already utilized their designated player’s allowance on Messi, Busquets, and Josef Martinez. They are now exploring the use of “targeted allocated money” to bring Alba to the team. This mechanism provides greater flexibility in terms of the salary limit, with a maximum annual amount of €2 million. In order to top up Alba’s salary, the club is said to be actively seeking alternative sources of income, as reported by MD.

The potential addition of Alba to Inter Miami’s roster marks a significant step in the club’s ambition to assemble a team adorned with Barcelona greats. The trio of Messi, Busquets, and Alba shares a strong bond both on and off the pitch. Lionel Messi frequently visits Barcelona and joins his former teammates for private dinners. The camaraderie and understanding among these players are expected to have a positive impact on the team’s dynamics and performance.


As the MLS continues to attract world-class talent, the arrival of Alba will undoubtedly enhance the reputation and competitiveness of the league. Inter Miami supporters can look forward to witnessing the reunion of these Barcelona legends. The combination of their experience, skill, and deep connection will undoubtedly add an extra dimension to Inter Miami’s playing style. The fans would hope to see the Messi Jordi Alba connection again.


As negotiations progress, fans eagerly await official confirmation of Alba’s transfer to Inter Miami. The anticipation is building, and the prospect of seeing these renowned Barcelona figures donning the Inter Miami colors has sparked a wave of excitement among both supporters and neutrals alike. Stay tuned for further updates as the exciting saga unfolds.