Jules Kounde, Mbappe Show support of Vinicius on Racism

In a show of solidarity, numerous football players, including Barcelona defender Jules Kounde and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe, have voiced their support for Vinicius Junior. After the Brazilian forward was subjected to racial abuse for the tenth time in La Liga this season. The images of the incidents have sparked global outrage, prompting calls for action against the perpetrators.

Footballers around the world come in support

The impact of these racist incidents has reverberated worldwide. With notable figures like former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva expressing their disgust. Responding to the disturbing events, Vinicius released a compilation of the racist incidents. Emphasizing the urgent need for measures to combat racism in football.

Kylian Mbappe, a fellow Frenchman and star player, extended his support to Vinicius, stating, “You are not alone. We are here and we love you.” The sentiments echoed by Mbappe highlight the unity among players in condemning racism and standing in solidarity with those affected.

Jules Kounde on the incident

Jules Kounde, in a thoughtful message to Vinicius, delved deeper into the issue, stressing the need for action rather than mere words. He emphasized that discriminatory insults should never be tolerated or justified. And that blaming a player’s behavior for provoking racist reactions only deflects attention from finding real solutions. Kounde emphasized that recurrent incidents of racism tarnish the image of the league, despite being perpetrated by a minority.

Kounde questioned whether the perpetrators are deeply racist or simply aiming to destabilize. But underscored that both words and actions carry consequences. He called for strict punishment beyond stadium bans. Advocating for legal measures and exploring educational initiatives that could combat racism and promote a broader understanding of the issue.

The support from players like Kounde and Mbappe reflects a growing recognition. That racial abuse in football must be met with resolute action. As the global outcry continues, all eyes are now on La Liga, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and the Spanish prosecutor to take decisive measures. The widespread condemnation and global reaction to these incidents are likely to propel authorities to escalate their response and implement effective strategies to eradicate racism from the sport.


The unwavering support shown by fellow players and the global community in response to the racial abuse incidents faced by Vinicius Junior underlines the need for immediate and substantial action against racism in football. By uniting against discrimination, players and fans alike are demanding change. Urging authorities to take stringent measures to eradicate racism from the beautiful game.