La liga President Praises Barcelona’s FFP efforts

La Liga President Javier Tebas recently provided insights into Barcelona’s ongoing financial journey, shedding light on the club’s dedicated efforts to overcome economic challenges. Speaking at a public event, Tebas delved into the latest economic measures sanctioned by the La Liga Delegate Committee, acknowledging their impact on Barcelona and applauding the club’s commitment to improvement.

Javier Tebas on La Liga and FFP

Despite the recent measures slightly easing restrictions for the club, Tebas stressed the importance of considering league-wide implications rather than tailoring rules to a singular team’s circumstances. Barcelona, despite facing constraints on winter market activities, was lauded by Tebas for their unwavering resolve in confronting financial headwinds.

“At Barcelona, what you have to see is the effort they have already made, with a very important reduction of their first-team squad because they had too many players,”

Javier Tebas

Tebas acknowledged, highlighting the significant steps Barcelona has taken to streamline its squad and manage its wage bill. The reduction, according to Tebas, wasn’t just a response to league challenges but also a strategic move in addressing internal management matters.


While praising the club’s proactive approach, Tebas urged caution against focusing solely on short-term fixes. He advised Barcelona to adopt a holistic strategy, considering both their long-term vision and economic stability. As one of the world’s premier football institutions, Tebas emphasized the importance of planning for the medium and long term.

Javier Tebas on The Winter Window

In terms of potential winter window activity, Tebas acknowledged that Barcelona had certain rules at their disposal for player recruitment. However, he stressed the need for a comprehensive approach. Urging the club to align its actions with overarching objectives and financial stability.

Responding to inquiries about his relationship with FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta and Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, Tebas underlined that interactions were rooted in making decisions beneficial for La Liga. Furthermore, he encouraged Laporta and Perez to heed the wisdom of Getafe President Angel Torres. Citing his profound knowledge of football.


In the face of financial turbulence, Tebas’ remarks reflect a nuanced perspective, recognizing Barcelona’s strides in addressing economic challenges while advocating for a forward-thinking, comprehensive strategy to secure stability in the long run.