Leo Messi to Barcelona 3 things that must happen

Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is set to expire at the end of this season. While the negotiations for a new deal with the French champions were previously promising, the possibility of a new contract is looking increasingly unlikely. As a result, Messi’s desire to continue playing in Europe has presented an opportunity for his former club FC Barcelona. To bring him back to Catalonia. However, the move is complicated and three hurdles must be overcome for Leo Messi to return to Barcelona.

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The Leo Messi Decision

The first and most critical obstacle that must be overcome is Messi’s decision to return to Barcelona. Reports suggest that the 35-year-old is considering returning to the club, and Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is playing a crucial role in persuading him to return. Hernandez has reportedly conveyed to Messi that he has a place in the team’s future plans, and his wife and children are keen to move back to Barcelona. However, Messi must provide a definitive “yes” for the club to proceed with securing his signature.

Laporta- Leo Messi Relationship

The second hurdle that must be overcome is repairing the relationship between Messi and Barcelona President Joan Laporta. In 2021, Laporta initially appeared confident in renewing Messi’s contract but ultimately decided against it. This decision left Messi feeling betrayed, and his agent, Jorge Messi, had a heated confrontation with Laporta. The relationship between the two parties soured significantly. Recently, Laporta met with Jorge Messi. But a face-to-face meeting between Laporta and Messi is necessary to bury the hatchet and pave the way for Messi’s return.

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Financial Fair Play

The third and most significant obstacle is the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules imposed by La Liga. Barcelona must reduce their wage bill by €200 million to sign and register players for next season. This reduction makes it difficult to sign new players, including Messi, unless player sales and salary reductions occur. Messi would also have to accept a lower wage, which he seems open to, but Barcelona may need to be innovative in offering him a percentage of commercial profits or sponsorships from his return. Nonetheless, unless FFP issues are resolved, Messi’s return will be impossible.

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Lionel Messi’s potential return to Barcelona is exciting for fans, but several hurdles must be overcome to make it a reality. Messi must provide a definitive answer, Laporta and Messi must mend their relationship, and FFP issues must be resolved. While it is a complicated process, there is optimism that the parties involved will be willing to put aside their differences for the good of the club. If these hurdles are overcome, Messi’s return to Barcelona could be a significant boost for the club and its fans.

The article is inspired from Ivan San Antonio (Sport)