Lionel Messi Framed by PSG?

The suspension of Lionel Messi by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for his recent trip to Saudi Arabia has caused a stir in the football world. While PSG officials have announced that they will discipline Messi. For not seeking authorization for his trip, there is another side to the story that has emerged.


Lionel Messi on PSG Frame Game

According to the reliable football journalist Fabrizio Romano, Lionel Messi had changed his plans for his Saudi Arabia trip twice to respect PSG and its schedule in the last few months. In this instance, he communicated his plans to the club. But when he received communication from the club, he was not able to change his plans as he was already traveling.

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On Messi’s side of the story, he knew about the 2-3 days off after the game and communicated his travel plans to PSG about traveling on Monday morning. However, when he was already traveling and already on the flight to go to Saudi Arabia on Monday, PSG decided to change plans and put training on Monday.

Messi has always been a great professional at PSG, and he has never created any kind of problems. However, the feeling is clear that it seems to be almost over between Lionel Messi and PSG after this kind of situation. The Argentine was already not convinced about the project since the end of February when PSG had made a proposal.



With this new information, some are starting to wonder if Messi is being framed. If there is more to the story than what PSG officials are telling. Whatever the truth may be, it is clear that this situation has put a strain on Messi’s relationship with PSG. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the football superstar.