Lionel Messi PSG to Barcelona: Contract Drafted

Lionel Messi’s potential return to FC Barcelona has been a topic of much speculation and excitement among fans. With Lionel Messi having his contract at PSG expiring at the end of the season. Barça has made re-signing their former captain a top priority.

Lionel Messi PSG return

However, signing Lionel Messi from PSG is no easy feat for the Catalan giants. They need to reduce their salary mass by around €200 million to have any chance of signing and registering new players. Which includes lionee Messi, for next season. Barça has already sent an economic viability plan to La Liga for approval, with a decision expected in May. The club reportedly plans to table a two-year contract for Messi with an option that allows him to terminate it after one year if he wishes to do so, with wages worth around €13 million per year, net.

According to a report from Joan Fontes, Barcelona has already drafted a two-year contract for Messi to sign. While the draft contract is ready, the final word on the matter still lies with La Liga. The league’s approval will dictate whether the operation can go through or not.

Messi Eager for a Return

The good news is that Messi is reportedly willing to accept a reduced salary in order to return to Barcelona in the summer. The Argentine international is understood to be keen on reuniting with his former team and taking them to new heights once again.

However, the financial element of Messi’s return is not just impacting Barcelona but the league as a whole. La Liga clubs are currently struggling for cash, and a transfer of Messi to Barcelona could have wider implications on the league’s financial stability. In contrast, the Premier League is currently experiencing a boom, with even bottom-ranked teams splurging €100m in a transfer window. The league spent €930M in the 2023 January transfer window, compared to La Liga’s €30m.

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La Liga president Javier Tebas has a vital role to play in this situation. He needs to be proactive in finding a solution to the financial struggles facing La Liga clubs, including Barcelona. With the league’s approval hanging in the balance, it is essential that Tebas works with the clubs to address these financial issues.



In conclusion, there is reason for optimism as far as Messi’s potential return to Barça is concerned. While the final word lies with La Liga, Barça has already prepared a draft contract for the Argentine to sign. Messi is reportedly willing to accept a reduced salary, but the league’s approval is crucial to the operation going through. Additionally, Tebas must work proactively with the clubs to address the wider financial struggles facing La Liga.