Liverpool VS Arsenal Assistant ref given clean chit

Assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Football Association (FA) following an incident involving Liverpool defender Andy Robertson during Liverpool Vs Arsenal on Sunday.

The incident occurred just after the half-time whistle had been blown when Hatzidakis appeared to elbow Robertson after being confronted by the defender. Robertson gesticulated that he had been hit by the official and was subsequently shown a yellow card.

FA’S Investigation

Hatzidakis was stood down during the FA investigation but has now been cleared to continue his career after apologizing to Robertson. In a statement issued by PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Ltd),

Hatzidakis said: “I fully assisted the FA with their investigation and have discussed the matter directly with Andy Robertson during an open and positive conversation. It was certainly not my intention to make any contact with Andy as I pulled my arm away from him and for that, I have apologized”.

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The FA conducted a thorough investigation which included reviewing statements from Liverpool and PGMOL. They also looked at multiple angles of video footage. In a statement,

FA said: “We have thoroughly reviewed all of the evidence in relation to the recent incident at Anfield involving the Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson and match official Constantine Hatzidakis, and we will be taking no further action”.


Fallout after Liverpool Vs Arsenal

The incident has sparked debate among football fans and experts about the role and behaviour of match officials in football. Some have criticised the lenient response from the FA, arguing that such behaviour from officials should not be tolerated.

However, others have pointed out that officials are human and can make mistakes, and that it is important to give them the benefit of the doubt where possible. They also argue that incidents such as this should be seen as isolated cases rather than indicative of a wider problem.

Despite the draw, in Liverpool Vs Arsenal clash, Liverpool remain in eighth place in the Premier League table. 12 points behind rivals Manchester United who are in the 4th spot. The club will be looking to improve their form in the remaining matches of the season and secure a place in European competition next season.



In conclusion, while the incident involving Constantine Hatzidakis and Andy Robertson has caused controversy. The FA’s decision to take no further action has been widely accepted. It is important that officials are held to account when they make mistakes, but it is also important to remember that they are human and can make errors. The incident should be seen as an isolated case rather than indicative of a wider problem in football. Do you agree with the verdict? Or do you think the refs should have been punished? leave your comments down below.