Liverpool’s biggest European Night

The Reds have had some of the most magnificent successes at European competition over the years. Tomorrow, Liverpool will have to pull the football performance of ages and bring back memories.

The unexpected and glorious triumphs at this UCL platform are something that Liverpool always boasts about. As they face the already-at-advantage Real Madrid, their seemingly impossible act and probability of winning with a three-plus goal margin can be not be ruled out. 

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Liverpool, who are on the verge of elimination, would write history considering that no team has ever qualified after losing with a three-goal margin at home. Also, the invincible Bernabeu powerhouse has only lost with a three-goal margin to only two teams in the same calendar year in the UCL, a 3-0 loss to CSKA Moscow and a 4-1 defeat to Ajax in 2018-19 season that saw them out of the UCL round of 16. However, Liverpool has had a moment to reminisce, and the fans believe this could boost the team’s morale heading to the great encounter at the Spanish capital.


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The Istanbul sensation (in the 2005 UCL final) that saw an ordinary Reds squad comeback against the all-star AC Milan is one of the greatest football mysteries in the UCL. The overwhelming performance against the Spanish giants, FC Barcelona, in 2019 highlights what the Reds can do when the odds are on their side.

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The upcoming encounter would require the team to prepare for the long night and show some mettle. Putting three unanswered goals past Thibaut Courtois is not for everyone. Considering the recent poor run of results against Real Madrid, Liverpool would need a prodigy and some sloppy but rare mistakes from the Blancos. But it will all come down to 90 minutes. Will they be able to write history?