Manchester United Winger Accused on Domestic Abuse allegations

Manchester United winger Antony has broken his silence on Brazilian television, vehemently denying allegations of domestic abuse made against him by his former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin. The 23-year-old footballer was recently dropped from the Brazil squad amidst accusations of physical aggression towards Cavallin, dating back to January, which are currently under investigation by the police.

The Allegations

Cavallin’s claims, which have rocked the football world, include allegations of physical violence, with one incident involving a headbutt, as well as accusations of verbal abuse. She stated that an altercation occurred in a Manchester hotel room on January 15, during which Antony allegedly headbutted her, resulting in a cut head requiring medical treatment. Cavallin also claimed to have been punched in the chest by Antony, leading to damage to a silicone breast implant that required corrective surgery in Brazil.

Incident on May 8

Furthermore, Cavallin reported an incident on May 8 in which she allegedly suffered a cut finger while trying to protect herself. She accused Antony of throwing a glass cup toward her and confiscating her passport. These allegations have prompted investigations by both Sao Paulo Civil Police and Greater Manchester Police.

Manchester United Antony’s Denial

In a public statement issued on Instagram earlier this week, Antony firmly denied the accusations, describing them as “false.” He also expressed his commitment to cooperating with the authorities to demonstrate his innocence. Antony added that while his relationship with Gabriela Cavallin had been tumultuous and included verbal conflicts, he had never engaged in any physical aggression.

Tearful TV Interview

In a tearful interview on Brazilian network SBT, Antony stated, “I have never and I never will attack a woman.” He asserted his belief that he has never touched a woman and vowed to provide proof to support his claims, saying, “People will see the truth.”

Manchester United Response

Manchester United, Antony’s club, has acknowledged the allegations and confirmed that the police are conducting inquiries into the matter. The club released a statement expressing their seriousness in handling the situation and acknowledging the potential impact of these allegations on survivors of abuse. However, they made no further comments regarding Antony’s availability for selection.



Antony, who joined Manchester United from Ajax in a high-profile £85.5 million deal in September 2022, now finds himself at the center of a highly sensitive and controversial case that continues to unfold. As investigations progress, the footballing world watches closely to see how this situation will develop and whether Antony can clear his name in the face of these serious allegations.