Paul Pogba Fails Drug test, Juventus suspends star

In a surprising turn of events, French football star Paul Pogba has been suspended from playing football. The footballing star tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in a doping test conducted after Juventus’ 3-0 victory against Udinese on August 20. The midfielder, who was an unused substitute in the game, now faces a period of uncertainty as the sports world waits for further developments in this case.

Paul Pogba and his Testosterone Levels

The results of Pogba’s doping test revealed higher-than-allowed levels of testosterone, a hormone known for its ability to enhance athletes’ endurance. As a precautionary measure, Pogba has been suspended from participating in football activities. Italy’s national anti-doping tribunal, NADO Italia, confirmed the suspension in a statement, stating that the elevated levels of testosterone were a violation of anti-doping rules.

The Nature of the Prohibited Substance

The tribunal further explained that Pogba’s test results showed the presence of “non-endogenous testosterone metabolites,” indicating that the source of the substance was external to Pogba’s body. This raises questions about how the prohibited substance entered his system and whether it was intentional or accidental.

Awaiting the ‘B’ Sample test of Paul Pogba

The next crucial step in this case involves testing Pogba’s ‘B’ sample. If the ‘B’ sample comes back clear of any prohibited substances, the entire test will be considered negative. Which could potentially clear Pogba’s name. However, if the ‘B’ sample confirms the initial findings, the consequences could be severe.

Potential Consequences for Pogba

A failed drug test, especially if doping is found to be intentional, can result in significant penalties. The penalties could include suspensions that can last up to four years. The severity of these consequences underscores the importance of carefully investigating the circumstances surrounding the elevated testosterone levels in Pogba’s test.


Current Status

While awaiting further developments in this doping case, Pogba has made brief appearances in Juventus’ matches against Bologna and Empoli. However, he is currently sidelined with a back injury sustained during the latter match. This adds another layer of complexity to this already puzzling situation.

Juventus’ coach, Massimiliano Allegri, expressed his concern about Pogba’s injury, saying, “Pogba felt a pain in the back, we’ll see what the exams say. Too bad because [his appearance] went well.”

As the sporting world watches closely, the fate of Paul Pogba hangs in the balance. With the ‘B’ sample results set to determine the course of action. Whether the midfielder will be able to return to the pitch in the near future or not.