Pep Guardiola Defends Man City’s Triumphs

“Our Trophies Cannot be Taken Away,” Pep Guardiola on Manchester City’s Investigation

Pep Guardiola, the head coach of Manchester City, affirmed that no one can take away the club’s achievements, despite the ongoing Premier League investigation into the club for 101 breaches of competition rules. The champions are facing an independent commission that may impose sanctions, including point deductions or even expulsion. This could lead to City losing the six titles they have won since 2008 when Sheikh Mansour and the Abu Dhabi United Group took over.

Pep Guardiola On His Title Wins

Guardiola expresses his disappointment on the charges, stating that they have “damaged” the triumphs of his predecessor Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini, as well as his own. When asked about his emotional attachment to the titles won during his tenure if the charges are proven, Guardiola declares, “Those moments belong to us. They absolutely belong to us, regardless of the sentence.”

The coach cites the memorable goal from Sergio Agüero in 2012 and says that these moments belong to the team and will not change, even if something had happened in 2009 or 2010. Guardiola also mentions the infamous slip from Steven Gerrard at Anfield and states that, while he has respect for him, that moment belongs to Manchester City.
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“Those moments belong to us. They absolutely belong to us, regardless of the sentence they belong to us. “The goal from Sergio Agüero [in 2012], when Balotelli slipped. I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping at Anfield. Was that our fault? I have respect for Steven Gerrard – but that moment belongs to us. “The moments that we lived these years together, the Premier League will decide … but I know what we won and the way we won it. I know the effort we put in. If something happened in 2009 or 2010 it is not going to change one second.”

The club’s hierarchy reassured Guardiola that they have not committed any wrongdoing, and he expressed confidence in a similar outcome as the one where UEFA imposed a two-year ban from the Champions League. However, any Premier League sanctions would not be subject to a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruling.
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The head coach expresses his pride in the relationship he has with the club’s owners and chairman, stating that if they want him to stay, he will not let them down and will continue to lead the team to success. Guardiola believes the only way to defend their position is to perform on the pitch, just as they have always done.


As Manchester City faces Aston Villa after a loss to Tottenham, the team aims to return to winning ways and put the focus on football for 90 minutes. With the ultimate goal of challenging Arsenal for this season’s title, Guardiola says, “We have to defend our position and the only way to do it is on the pitch.”