Pogba Doping Scandal: Shockwaves Hit France and Juventus

In a shocking turn of events, Juventus and France midfielder Paul Pogba has tested positive in his B sample for doping. He may face a ban of two to four years if found guilty. The World Cup winner from France has been a prominent figure in the football world. His recent setback has sent shockwaves through the sport.

Initial Suspension and B Sample

Pogba was provisionally suspended after a random drug test following Juventus’ 3-0 victory over Udinese on August 20, 2023. The France international was an unused substitute. Subsequent testing of his B sample in Rome confirmed the presence of testosterone not produced by the body.

The Implications of a Positive Test for France, Pogba

According to FIFA’s anti-doping regulations, players found guilty of violating these rules can face bans of varying lengths, subject to appeal and mitigation. The severity of the ban depends on whether the violation is proven to be intentional.

Pogba’s Agent Reacts

Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, stated after the initial suspension that Pogba “never wanted to break the rules” and emphasized the need to await the B sample results.

Next Steps for Pogba, France and Juventus

Now that Pogba’s B sample has tested positive, he will be investigated by the anti-doping prosecutor’s office. He has one week to present his defense statements or submit to questioning. In the best-case scenario, Pogba could negotiate a plea bargain, potentially reducing his sentence by up to 50%.


Consequences for Juventus, France and Pogba

Juventus, Pogba’s current club, has reserved the right to consider its next steps following the NADO announcement. With Pogba’s positive sample confirmed, they can suspend his pay and guarantee a minimum wage within the collective bargaining agreement.


Furthermore, if Pogba is banned by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal, Juventus may have the option to terminate his contract. The contract’s expiry is in June 2026. Paul Pogba would also have to kiss goodbye to his spot in the France national team.

Similar Incidents in Football

Incidents of doping violations in football are relatively rare but not unprecedented. Players have previously faced bans due to accidental contamination. As seen in the cases of Andre Onana and Jose Palomino.


Paul Pogba’s positive B sample has raised significant questions about his future in football. As the investigation unfolds, the football world awaits the final decision regarding his potential ban and the impact this may have on his career. Juventus also faces critical decisions about how to handle this unprecedented situation.