Ronaldo and Fans feel threatened by Messi?

In a bid for popularity, Cristiano Ronaldo and his fans feel threatened by Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are undeniably football greats in the 21 st century. They have had different and unique ways of gracing the football match for almost two decades.

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Despite their ages, their popularity on and off the pitch highlights their trajectory of greatness. Ronaldo boasts of being the
most followed human being, with more than 551 million followers on his Instagram handle @cristiano. However, the battle is still on, with Messi recently sparking the media with the most-liked post (with more than 75 million likes) of him and his teammates celebrating the FIFA 2022 World Cup victory.

Ronaldo is famous for his exquisite physique, attracting most admirers and fashion brands. But why and how does Messi contrast Ronaldo’s popularity?

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While Ronaldo is tall and handsome, Messi is a short, average-looking, humble guy. It is crucial to note
that the radical difference between the two sparks the loving dynamic portrayed by the fans, fellow
players, managers, and the media.

Football has significantly evolved, which has been reflected even in the choice of players and the style of play adored by the coaches. To some extent, Ronaldo is perceived to be arrogant to fellow players and managers, which has recently seen him exit European football. This is not the case with Messi, whom every coach and every team would adore having in their camp if at all they had the capacity.

The recent achievement by Messi at the club and national team has had many analysts label him as the undisputed GOAT after Pele.

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Despite all this success, the 7-times Ballon d’Or winner and one of the most decorated football players on the planet does not take pride in his efforts but always gives credit to the team. This is the character of a leader, a champion who motivates and leads by example. Though impossible to confess, many of the players and coaches who frenzy about Ronaldo would confess admiring Messi’s character.