Sergio Busquets joins Lionel Messi in MLS

Inter Miami has officially unveiled the signing of Barcelona legend Sergio Busquets. The Footballing legend has joined the MLS side following his departure from Barca at the end of the 2022-23 season. The 34-year-old midfielder’s decision to join Inter Miami aligns perfectly with his close friend and former Barcelona teammate. Lionel Messi earlier announced joining Inter Miami after his tenure at Paris Saint-Germain ended.

Sergio Busquets completes Inter Miami Move

According to reports from Sport, once Busquets was set to leave FC Barcelona, reuniting with Messi was at the forefront of his mind. The opportunity to once again share the pitch with Leo Messi his bestfriend and captain proved to be a strong motivating factor for Busquets. Despite receiving lucrative contract offers from clubs in Saudi Arabia. Which included Al-Nassr now led by Cristiano Ronaldo. Busquets was determined to play alongside Messi again and believed that a move to the United States would be beneficial for him and his family.


Speculations had been circulating in recent weeks about a potential agreement between the barca legends. Segio Busquets and fellow Barcelona teammate Jordi Alba look set to join the same team this summer. The prospect of the trio reuniting at Inter Miami now seems like a genuine possibility. With Jordi Alba still weighing his options for the future.

Busquets’ arrival at Inter Miami adds significant experience and quality to the squad. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his successful career at Barcelona. Known for his exceptional vision, passing and tactical awareness Busquets has been a key figure in Barcelona’s midfield for over a decade. Contributing to their numerous domestic and international triumphs.


The reunion of Busquets and Messi at Inter Miami is highly anticipated. A rekindling of the chemistry they developed during their time together at FC Barcelona will be beautiful to watch. Their partnership was integral to the club’s success. Inter Miami fans will be eagerly anticipating the seamless connection between these two footballing stalwarts on the MLS stage.


With the signings of Messi and Busquets, Inter Miami continues to make waves in the football world, cementing their ambition to assemble a star-studded roster. The potential addition of Jordi Alba would further amplify the excitement and elevate Inter Miami’s prospects in the league. As fans eagerly await official unveiling and further developments, the prospect of witnessing the trio of Messi, Busquets, and potentially Alba gracing the Inter Miami squad has captured the imagination of football enthusiasts worldwide. MLS is set to witness an influx of former Barcelona legends. Injecting a new level of skill, creativity, and camaraderie into the league.

The stage is set for a captivating chapter in the careers of Busquets, Messi, and potentially Alba. The legends embark on a new adventure together at Inter Miami. Ready to leave an indelible mark on American soil. Follow FC Barcelona and Transfer News here at Knuckleball.