Why Cristiano Ronaldo is Wrong!!

In a recent interview, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his thoughts on the Saudi Arabian league, comparing it to Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States. While the football superstar is known for his candid opinions, his assessment of the two leagues has raised eyebrows and sparked debates among fans and experts alike.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Saudi League and MLS:

“The Saudi league is better than MLS,” Ronaldo claimed when asked about the possibility of a move to the United States like his rival Lionel Messi. The former Juventus forward further asserted that more top players would follow suit. Joining the Saudi league and making it more competitive in the coming year. Ronaldo also stated that he is certain he won’t return to any European club at the age of 38. He further praised the English Premier League for its quality.

A Different Perspective on Saudi League’s Attraction:

While Ronaldo’s opinion holds value as an experienced footballer, it’s essential to consider the context behind the migration of players to the Saudi Arabian league. Players like Benzema opting to join the Saudi league is not solely due to Ronaldo’s presence. But it is primarily driven by the league’s financial capability. The Saudi clubs have been splurging an extraordinary amount of cash to sign international stars, creating an attractive proposition for players seeking lucrative contracts.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Obsession with Messi

Ronaldo’s comments about Messi’s move to MLS with Inter Miami appear to be colored by a tinge of jealousy and content for his great rival. Messi’s decision to join the American league garnered immense attention and admiration worldwide. However, Ronaldo’s remarks seem to downplay Messi’s move and diminish the significance of his accomplishments, portraying an underlying bitterness that is uncharacteristic of his sportsmanship. It looks like Messi’s Victory in Qatar last December is still playing over Ronaldo’s mind.

The Ever-Growing Appeal of Lionel Messi’s Move:

Lionel Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami has ignited widespread excitement among football fans globally. The Argentine legend’s arrival in the MLS marks a historic moment for American soccer. Attracting widespread media coverage and capturing the imagination of millions. Messi’s move to the U.S. signifies the growing stature of the league and its potential to attract some of football’s finest talents. The move has garnered even more eyeballs after Lionel Messi lifted the World Cup at the end of 2022. The world cup last year was the biggest and most watched sports event. Garnering a staggering viewership of 1.5 Billion.



While Cristiano Ronaldo’s perspectives as a seasoned player hold weight, his views on the Saudi league and his comments on Messi’s MLS move may need to be taken with a grain of salt. The attractiveness of the Saudi league lies in its financial prowess. While Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami reflects the growing prominence of MLS on the global football stage. Football fans continue to celebrate both Ronaldo and Messi’s achievements and eagerly anticipate their future endeavors. Both on and off the pitch the players are icons of the game.