“I’m the last man standing”Jurgen Klopp Next to be Fired?

The Premier League has seen a record-breaking number of managerial departures this season, with 13 exits so far. Twelve of these departures were due to sackings, marking another record for the league. The latest departures were Brendan Rodgers from Leicester and Graham Potter from Chelsea. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, who has been at the club since 2015, is now the longest-serving manager in the league and has expressed his discomfort at being the last one standing amidst the chaos.

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Jurgen Klopp admits that he is only still in his job due to his past achievements at the club, including coming within a couple of games of achieving an unprecedented quadruple just a year ago. However, with Liverpool currently in eighth place and eight points off the Champions League qualification spots, the pressure is mounting on Klopp and the team.

Jurgen Klopp Statement

“I think the elephant in the room is why I am still sitting here in this crazy world.

“I’m aware of the fact I’m sitting here because of the past and not because of what we did this season.

“If this was my first season it would be slightly different. Yes, we have smart owners who know about the situation. Better ask them why that’s the case.”

The latest humbling performance was a 4-1 defeat to Manchester City, which Klopp described as “unacceptable.” Liverpool faces another tough game on Tuesday against Chelsea, who will be led by interim manager Bruno Saltor.

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Klopp acknowledged that expectations are high in the Premier League, with clubs facing financial implications if they fail to meet them. He also noted that some clubs are underachieving this season, including Liverpool. Despite this, he believes that it is a strange week for the league, with the season entering a decisive phase and teams fearing they may not reach their targets.



The high number of managerial departures this season is concerning for the league, with managers under more pressure than ever before. However, Klopp remains focused on his job and is determined to turn Liverpool’s season around. As the last man standing, he knows that his past success may have bought him some time, but ultimately, he will be judged on his team’s current performances.