Leo Messi is welcomed back at Barcelona

The rumours about the possible return of Leo Messi to Barcelona have been circulating for months. Several key figures have weighed in on the matter. Here’s what they had to say:

Barcelona President Rafael Yuste

“Leo and his family know the affection I have for them. I participated in the negotiations which unfortunately did not lead to a certain result. I’ve always had and I have this thorn in my side that Leo couldn’t continue at our club. Messi knows how much we appreciate him. I would love for him to come back. We’re in contact, of course, with them.”

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Yuste’s comments indicate that Barcelona is still interested in bringing Leo Messi back to the club. And that the two parties are in communication. He also expressed regret that negotiations failed to keep Messi at the club, indicating that there is a desire to make things right.


Journalist Martin Arevalo on Leo Messi

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According to journalist Martin Arevalo, Leo Messi is eager to return to Barcelona, even if it means playing for free. Arevalo’s report suggests that Messi’s happiness is closely tied to being at Barcelona, and that he is willing to make sacrifices to return.

Journalist Helena Condis Edo on Leo Messi

Journalist Helena Condis Edo has reported that a campaign to bring Messi back to Barcelona has begun. Yuste’s public comments on the matter indicate that there is interest from the club, while Xavi’s comments suggest that there is a desire from within the locker room as well.

Barcelona Manager Xavi

Xavi, who serves as a spokesman for the team, recently spoke about Messi’s potential return in a pre-match press conference. When asked to comment on the matter, he said:

“It is not time to talk about Leo’s return. From here to what can be done is a world away, but I will be the first to do everything possible to bring him back. I talk to him often, but now is not the time for the benefit of everyone: for the player himself, for the club, for the current squad … I wish that he can come back to help us. He’s the best player in the world and in history.”

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Xavi’s comments suggest that he holds optimism regarding the possibility of Messi’s return. But also acknowledges that the decision cannot be made lightly. He also praised Messi’s talents and contributions to the team in the past, indicating that he would be a valuable addition to the current squad.


Overall, it seems that there is a desire from both Messi and Barcelona to make a return to the team a reality. While negotiations and discussions are ongoing, it remains to be seen whether Messi will ultimately return to the club where he made his name as one of the greatest footballers of all time.