Lionel Messi and Joan Laporta, What happened?

In a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona president Joan Laporta opened up about the failed attempt to bring Lionel Messi back to the club this summer. Laporta shed light on the negotiations, Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami, and the current state of their relationship. Despite the disappointment, Laporta remains optimistic about the future and leaves the door open for a potential reunion.

The Failed Lionel Messi Move

Laporta acknowledged that there were genuine possibilities for Messi’s return to Barcelona. Both the player and his father expressed interest, but ultimately, Messi chose a different path. Laporta emphasized that the club didn’t want a repeat of the financial difficulties that prevented them from extending Messi’s contract in 2021. While all terms of the contract were agreed upon, Messi informed Laporta that he had decided on joining Inter Miami. The Argentine cited the desire for a calmer environment and the ability to focus on the national team as reasons for his decision.


Barcelona’s Authorization and Relationship

Laporta clarified that Barcelona had obtained authorization from La Liga to accommodate Messi’s contract. Despite the disappointment, Laporta maintained that the relationship with Messi remains good and correct. He wished Messi well in his new adventure and acknowledged that Barcelona will always be his home. Laporta admitted that they have not spoken since the failed transfer, but he emphasized that the relationship ended when Messi moved to Paris. While the reunion did not materialize as planned, Laporta remained positive about the overall situation.


Future Prospects for Lionel Messi and Laporta

When asked about the possibility of another pursuit of Messi in the future, Laporta acknowledged that it would be more complicated and ultimately depends on Messi’s desire. While he didn’t want to make any promises, Laporta highlighted Messi’s exceptional talent and his ability to consistently deliver decisive performances. He expressed his admiration for Messi’s dedication and talent, leaving the door open for a potential return in the future.


Despite the disappointment of the failed transfer, Joan Laporta remains focused on the future of Barcelona. While the reunion with Lionel Messi did not come to fruition this summer, Laporta maintains a positive relationship with the player and doesn’t rule out the possibility of a future return. Barcelona will continue to move forward, building a strong team and pursuing success on the pitch, while Messi embarks on a new chapter in his career. The saga may have ended for now, but the story of Messi and Barcelona is far from over.